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Caladium Plant Leaves

Our History

Laylocks was started by Martin Warr at Laylocks Cottage, on Broadheath Common, after having trained at Pershore Horticultural College.



laylocks old.png

Martin was soon successful and found the nursery running out of space. More land was required and in 1981, the present site was purchased, and work started to prepare the nursery.

Martin and the Laylocks team have always prided themselves on their commitment to quality. They decided they wanted to grow the majority of the plants sold at Laylocks on site, to insure the highest quality.



A house-building project was also fitted in for Martin and his wife, Lynne. 

Roses were planted during the next few years, a time when Laylocks, supplied many other Garden Centres.



This year, they saw the first extension to the retail greenhouse.

The business has steadily grown since Martin started his adventure. This showed a huge increase in the plants, which are grown on site, to be sold to the public and not other Garden Centres. Martin noticed that fashions were changing in the Garden Industry and a concept of ‘lifestyle Gardening’ was beginning to take place. Noticing this, he wanted to be able to offer the public the services and products they needed.

With this in mind, Laylocks started to move from predominantly a Nursery to a Garden Centre

2000 - 2002

As the transition from a Nursey to a Garden Centre was in full swing, they began to see a large increase of retail customers, resulting in them having to increase their indoor retail area and their outdoor plant area.


As a result of the previous years, the car park had to be extended to deal with the increase of customers.


Fast forward to 2017, Martin's daughter, Hannah,  joins the family business. Hannah graduated from university with a 2:1 BA Honours  degree in Sport Education at the University of Bedfordshire. She then went travelling for 9 months and then headed into sales. She has always worked in the family business over the years in the summer holidays helping out in the nursery but has now joined the business to run alongside Martin. 


Cotheridge, Worcester WR6 5LP


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