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Santa's Grotto

Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas Trees Now In! Range from 3ft - 8ft

Real Tress coming soon*

Stockists of NOMA lights

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The Big Red Bus

Our Christmas Themes

We have 8 magical Christmas Themes to get lost in this year!


A Traditional Christmas 

A modern twist on the ever so popular traditional Christmas. How can we forget the famous reds and golds?! We've added deep reds, champagne golds, tartan & maroons. 


Enchanted World 

The enchanted world is full of quirky fairies, princesses', creatures & flying animals. You'll find shades of pink from light to dark, settle golds & whites with hints of green



Toy Shop Heaven 

After all it's where all the elves work long hours in the run up to Christmas! Expect fun, bright and all things toy shop!


Woodland Adventure

We have three stunning themes within the woodland Adventure. Snowy mountain theme which is full of whites, browns, greens, mountain animals, paper decorations with hits off soft amber. Which then leads into animal prints, here you'll find bold exotic animal prints.


Made With Love 

All things handmade, gingerbreads decorations you'll want to eat and felt hangers.


It's a Snowy World 

Get lost in our snowy world, here you'll find all shades of blue From deep and dark to the glittery & light. Whites, delicate glass  & clear decorations. Full of polar bears and snowy gnoks



A theme that's taking Christmas by storm. Think, all wooden with hints of green and red